“Dr. Liu’s treatment relieved my pain from the stroke 10 years ago. My hand function is also greatly improved so that I can do many things now such as tying my shoe laces by myself.”

        -- Mrs. J. M., 65 years old of Ellicott City


My initial approach to acupuncture and overall TCM started with a skeptical but open mind. It is an understatement to say that I'm very pleased with my results.”

-- Mr. Jerry H. of Catonsville


“Dr. Liu’s first treatment opened up my sinus congestion.”  

-- Mrs. E. D. of Marriottsville

“I gained a lot more energy after the treatment. I feel young again so that I have got many things done which I couldn’t do for years.”

-- Ms. C. A. of Catonsville who has diabetes and arthritis

“All of the sudden, I realized I haven’t felt this good for a long time.”

-- Mrs. T. F. of Ellicott City who relieved from headache and menstrual disorder